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Breath of Fresh Air - CPR & Healthcare Training


Babysitting Class


with Carrie Baldwin, RN

Calendar Apr 28, 2018 at 9 am, runs for 1 week

Babysitting Class


with Carrie Baldwin, RN

Calendar Jun 10, 2018 at 2 pm

Babysitting with CPR/AED/First Aid


with Carrie Baldwin, RN

Calendar Apr 29, 2018 at 12:30 pm

*This is a private class - any unapproved registrations will be deleted*

Class Location:  TBA

The ​Babysitting ​Class ​is ​designed ​to ​provide ​youth ​who ​are ​planning ​to ​babysit ​with ​the ​knowledge ​and ​skills ​necessary ​to ​safely ​and ​responsibly ​give ​care ​for ​children ​and ​infants. ​This ​training ​will ​help ​participants ​to ​develop ​leadership ​skills; ​learn ​how ​to ​develop ​a ​babysitting ​business, ​keep ​themselves ​and ​others ​safe ​and ​help ​children ​behave; ​and ​learn ​about ​basic ​child ​care ​and ​basic ​first ​aid. ​The ​recommended ​age ​for ​this ​course ​is ​11-15 ​years ​old. 

Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid is also included in this course.

Certificate ​will ​be ​provided ​within ​14 ​Business ​Days ​(count ​ONLY ​Monday ​through ​Friday ​non-holidays) ​ONLY ​upon ​successful ​completion ​of ​the ​course. 

Pre-requisites: ​Girl Scouts of Virginia 

Class ​Duration: ​4 ​Hours 

Certification ​Years: ​No ​Expiration

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